EFSOA Project Reporting Blog
In this reporting blog, we present data on the intermediate results of the project, research materials, photo reports, field research data.
Preparation for work
28.08.2019 Siderat-mustard covers the lands of the experimental landfill in a violent color
Preparation for work
Harvesting potatoes 2019 from the land of the experimental landfill
Preparation of dishes
19.06.2020 Selection of dishes
Beginning of work
Field work start
Preparation of experimental fields
25.05.2020 Spring preparation of experimental fields
26.05.2020 Fertilizing and cutting ridges. Field work start
Planting potatoes
27.05.2020 Planting potatoes
First electronics in operation
02.06.2020 Placement of sensors
We study monitoring
10.06.2020 monitoring systems webinar
Applying the scientific method
15.06.2020 Pre-emergence inter-row cultivation of potatoes with removal of weeds, formation of ridges and deep loosening of the inter-row spacings
The first shoots are breaking through
23.06.2020 - leaving the field, the beginning of growth
Project workshop
25.06.2020 Working meeting on the project in D.A. Maksimova
In the field, not without problems
29.06.2020 Potato disease
Soil sampling
29.06.2020 Sampling of soil for analysis
Trip to FGBNU
02.07.2020 Trip to FGBNU "Leningrad Research Institute of Agriculture" BELOGORKA "
Visit to the test site
03.07.2020 test site
Hilling potatoes
07.07.2020 Hilling potatoes
Test results
07.07.2020 Selection Analysis Results 29.06.2020
09.07.2020 Spraying potatoes
19.08.2020 Potatoes, observation
05.08.2020 - Weeding potatoes and the work of colleagues from VIZR
Perennial herbs
20.08.2020 Perennial herbs
Determination of organic matter
25.08.2020 Determination of organic matter
Harvesting potatoes
07.09.2020 Harvesting potatoes at the test site
Determination of organic matter
10.09.2020 Determination of organic matter in soil
Photo of different varieties of potatoes
15.09.2020 The long-awaited harvest, varieties: Elizaveta, Zhukovsky, Liga, Nevsky, Red Scarlett, Ryabinushka, Northern Lights, Luck
Steering group meeting
08.10.2020 - Steering group meeting

EFSOA Sustainable Organic Agriculture Steering Group Meeting.
On October 8, an online meeting of the Steering Group for the EFSOA Green Organic Farming Project was held.

The meeting participants discussed the tasks that need to be solved as a matter of priority within the framework of the EFSOA project.

Heard reports from project partners:
Zakharov A.M .: "Presentation of the project and information on current activities within the framework of the project", IAEP - branch of FGBNU FNATS VIM, lead partner.

Minin VB: "Information activity within the framework of the project", Project coordinator for organic research, IAEP - branch of FGBNU FNATS VIM, lead partner.
Valkama Elena, Finnish Natural Resources Institute Luke.
Ranta-Kohanen Tuya, South-East Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK.
Titova Yulia Anatolyevna, Leading Researcher, Laboratory of Microbiological Plant Protection, FGBNU VIZR.

Administrative issues within the framework of the project were highlighted by Ekaterina Anatolyevna Vorobyeva, Researcher, IAEP - branch of FGBNU FNATS VIM, Lead Partner. Some issues were also highlighted by Eini Arponen, Program Coordinator of the Governing Body of the South-East Finland-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020.
Material about the installation of weather stations
October 15, 2020, within the framework of the Environmentally Friendly Smart Organic Agriculture (EFSOA) project of the South-East Finland - Russia CBC Program 2014-2020. the installation of a hardware and software measuring complex for monitoring and technical management of the system of an organic agricultural enterprise was carried out. The equipment was installed by an authorized representative of Davis and Sentek, with the participation of the project manager Anton Mikhailovich Zakharov. Two meteorological stations were installed - one at the Krasnaya Slavyanka test site, and two soil probes and a second meteorological station on the territory of the Institute (IAEP). Also, during the installation, training was provided on the use of a mounting / dismounting kit for soil probes.

The system functionally consists of the following main components:

- Autonomous soil station for measuring moisture, temperature and soil salinity Sentek COMPACT Drill & Drop TriSCAN;

- wireless professional agricultural weather station Davis VP2 with a solar radiation sensor (measuring the speed and direction of the wind; measuring the air temperature outside the room; measuring the relative humidity outside the room; measuring the amount and intensity of precipitation; measuring atmospheric pressure; measuring the temperature; and indoor air humidity ; measurement of photosynthetic active radiation (PAR));

- Sentek professional kit for installation and removal of probes, incl. cable for programming the probes (the installation of the station probe into the soil is carried out dry (without using suspension), in which the natural structure of the soil is not disturbed, while providing accurate readings of the station).