In this reporting blog, we present data on the intermediate results of the project, research materials, photo reports, field research data.
06/08/2021 Installation of soil probes Sentek Drill & Drop 90 cm for measuring soil temperature, moisture content and salinity on an experimental field with potatoes
06/03/2021 Planting potatoes in the ridges with simultaneous treatment with protective biological preparations made by VIZR employees.
06/02/2021 Composting by an experimental model of a machine for local application of organic fertilizers with simultaneous formation of ridges for subsequent planting of potatoes in them.
06/01/2021 Formation of low ridges for planting potatoes with a row-crop cultivator KOH 2.8.
06/01/2021 Pre-planting soil cultivation in the experimental field before planting potatoes
05/28/2021 Sampling of soil for analysis
May 24, 2021 Departure to the experimental field after heavy rains, observations
05/19/2021 Departure to the experimental site, observations.
18.05.2021 Исполнители проекта «Экологически дружественное умное органическое сельское хозяйство» (Environmentally Friendly Smart Organic Agriculture) приняли участие во ВТОРОМ МЕЖДУНАРОДНОМ АГРОЭКОЛОГИЧЕСКОМ ФОРУМЕ и выступили с докладами на секции «Экологически безопасные технологии в растениеводстве».

Departure to the test site
05/13/2021 Departure to the experimental field, measurement of soil hardness, observations
Departure to the test site
04/22/2021 Departure to the experimental site, observations. Seedlings of winter crops.
Installation of hardware and software measuring complex
10/15/2020 Installation of a hardware and software measuring complex for monitoring and technical management of the system of an organic agricultural enterprise
Steering group meeting
10/08/2020 Steering group meeting
The harvest
09/15/2020 The long-awaited harvest, varieties: Elizaveta, Zhukovsky, Liga, Nevsky, Red Scarlett, Ryabinushka, Northern Lights, Luck
Determination of organic matter
09/10/2020 Determination of organic matter in soil
Harvesting potatoes
09/07/2020 Harvesting potatoes at the test site
Determination of organic matter
08/24/2020 Determination of organic matter in soil
Perennial herbs
08/20/2020 Perennial herbs
08/19/2020 Potatoes, observation
08/05/2020 Weeding potatoes and the work of colleagues from VIZR
07/09/2020 Spraying potatoes
Test results
07/07/2020 Analysis of sampling received in June
Hilling potatoes
07/07/2020 Hilling potatoes
Visit to the test site
07/03/2020 Experimental training ground
Trip to FSBSI
07/02/2020 A trip to the FSBSI "Leningrad Research Institute of Agriculture" BELOGORKA "
In the field, not without problems
06/29/2020 Potato disease
Soil sampling
06/29/2020 Soil sampling for analysis
Project workshop
06/25/2020 Working meeting on the project in the office of D.A. Maksimova
The first shoots are breaking through
06/23/2020 - Departure to the field, the beginning of growth
Preparation of dishes
06/19/2020 Selection of dishes
Applying the scientific method
06/15/2020 Pre-emergence inter-row cultivation of potatoes with the removal of weeds, formation of ridges and deep loosening of the inter-row spacings
We study monitoring systems
06/10/2020 Monitoring systems webinar
The first electronics in operation
06/02/2020 Placement of sensors
Planting potatoes
05/27/2020 Planting potatoes
05/26/2020 Fertilization and cutting of ridgesStart of field work
Beginning of work
Start of field work
Preparation of experimental fields
05/25/2020 Spring preparation of experimental fields
Preparation for work
Harvesting potatoes 2019 from the land of the experimental landfill
Preparation for work
08/28/2019 Siderat-mustard covers the lands of the experimental landfill in a violent color