This section brings together our accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of organic farming
Experimental field
Information management system
Farmer Information and Management Tool

The direction of the programmers' work is the creation of an information management tool for the organic farmer (IMT), which will later be linked to the portal.

The IMT will include software and a database (contains detailed information about the farm, as well as comprehensive information on crop varieties and technological operations, as well as completely technological cultivation maps), a system for monitoring the state of the environment and land cover, and a management system. All partners will take part in this event. IMT, based on the received operational information from the monitoring system, using knowledge from the database, will provide advice to farmers on what actions should be taken in the current conditions of crop cultivation. IMT will self-learn.

IMT will be in contact with the portal and will receive technological information accumulated in the database.

The monitoring system will include an electronic map of the pilot zone, an unmanned aerial vehicle with equipment providing multiwave spectrophotometric information from surface and soil sensors (temperature and water content, etc.-XAMK), as well as an automated meteorological station. In addition, ceramic cups will be placed in the soil for sampling the soil solution to measure leaching. Other sensors can be connected to the system, as well as sensors installed on agricultural machinery.

IMT will be tested in a demonstration pilot field one year after the start of the project and then offered to pilot farms.

Result: Organic Farmer Management Information Tool, Farm Environment Monitoring System